Be Good with money

ImpactPay is a smart digital wallet that helps you take control of your spending and saving.

Be Good

We're not a bank

And we know changing banks is painful. That's why ImpactPay cards link to any existing bank account and have a BSB and account number to make transferring between accounts easy. The app also features a scheduled auto-reload setting to help you monitor and manage your budget.

By decoupling from your bank and enabling recurring deposits as a way to better manage your money, ImpactPay puts you back in control of your spending.

No to credit

Our ‘Be Good’ philosophy means having control over your money and avoiding the dangers of credit. As a Mastercard® prepaid debit card, ImpactPay is designed for budgeted, everyday spending.

The digital wallet provides a detailed overview of every transaction so you know where and when every tap happens. This insight into your spending habits (the good and the bad) helps make you a smarter spender.

No to Credit - iPhone
ImpactPay Card

Smart goals

The best way to treat yourself to something is to save up for it and buy it when you can truly afford it. For this, we created smart goals.

Set a target amount and date, ImpactPay will do the rest. The tool sets aside regular savings, away from daily spending money, to get you to your goals.

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Security & Privacy

Security is important to us

We don't keep ImpactPay card numbers on file and linked bank account details are kept on secure servers certified by major privacy and security standards.

Your card number will never be shown in the app. Passcode checks or fingerprint recognition feature throughout the app for your security.

Track every tap

With a detailed overview of every transaction, down to the map location, always know where, and when, every dollar is spent.

With the option for transaction notifications, you can better manage your money with the added security of knowing in real-time what's leaving your account.

Remote locking

Lost or stolen cards can easily be locked from the app to block any purchases. Unlocking is just as easy if your card turns up later. You can also order a replacement card from the app with the click of a button.