Make the most of every donor dollar

ImpactPay is a mobile platform that connects your cause with the next-gen giver

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We’re making every dollar you raise more valuable

Outsourced fundraising can result in commissions as high as 80 per cent of every dollar raised. By lowering fundraising costs by a factor of up to four times, every dollar you raise can have four times the impact.

We’re creating a reliable, recurring revenue stream

ImpactPay is consumption-based giving with the tribe donating every time they make a purchase. This creates an ongoing revenue stream for our causes. The collective power of the tribe means their small, regular micro-donations can add up to a big impact.

We’re introducing you to a tribe of givers

No more knocking on doors or stopping people in the street. ImpactPay creates a marketplace of like-minded givers looking for a cause to support. Meet a new, engaged audience who may not have had a chance to discover the great work you do.

No cause too small

We're here for the sports clubs, the schools, the organisations, and the do-gooders.

If you need help funding a project, the ImpactPay platform can encourage your members - and the local community - to support you with every tap of their ImpactPay cards.

Hear from our cause partners

Mark Stewart - SCHF

"ImpactPay allows us to bring awareness of our need for philanthropic support to a much wider audience. Many people still believe our public hospitals are fully funded by the Government, but without the support of our donors, the hospital would be a very different place. To embrace new technology, we have to partner with the right people and be prepared to try new things."

- Mark Stewart, Director of Fundraising, Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation

Lesley Podesta, CEO, Alannah & Madeline Foundation

"We're excited to be part of ImpactPay and hope to reach a new generation of people who want to be part of doing good, but in a way that is personalised, immediate and simple. I love the concept - connect through high quality, curated stories, connect the work of not-for-profits with people, and make it simple and easy for donors to contribute to your success, seamlessly."

- Lesley Podesta, CEO, Alannah & Madeline Foundation

YGAP - Levi Fernandez

ImpactPay breaks down the barriers to entry for individuals looking to change the world for the better by making it as easy as possible to see and feel the difference you are making. We’re beyond excited to be included within the ImpactPay family.

- Levi Fernandez, Major Donor and Philanthropy Manager, ygap