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Take Action With Every Transaction


The power of micro-giving

Globally, 1.1 billion card transactions happen every day. What if as little as 10 cents was set aside with every transaction?

There would be more than $57.7 billion dollars each year to address hunger, enable each child to access education and protect the planet.

Ten cents won’t break the bank, but it might just change the world.

The tribe

For micro-giving to have a maximum effect, we need to come together as a tribe.

A tribe is a group of like-minded people, with a sense of unity, who support each other as a collective. They work together to ensure everyone is fed, clothed and cared for.

One tribe, a world of difference.

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Transparent Giving

See the real impact of your donation

We want you to know exactly where your money is going. That's why the ImpactPay platform allows you to select who to support based on specific projects, not causes.

Pick projects that inspire, then use the platform's real-time, secure technology to track the positive impact of every dollar contributed.

Inspired by blockchain technology, we're making the flow of funds transparent and auditable


A cause has a project that needs funding.

Tribe members use their ImpactPay cards and with each tap help the cause reach its target.

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ImpactPay Card
Tribe Progress

Raised so far


Tribe Goal


The target is achieved!


The balance is transferred to a secure bank account and is only released to fund the specific project for which the money was raised.


The cause uses the tribe's donations to bring the project to life.


ImpactPay keeps the tribe updated as the project comes to life via the platform and our social channels.

The whole story

We know giving doesn’t end once a project is funded.

Through the app and our social channels, we'll keep our tribe updated as projects come to life and show the ongoing impact made in the lives of those helped by your donations.

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Easy Giving

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Updated Newsfeed

The news feed features project updates and useful info so you always know what's new on the platform

Amplify Passions

The app makes it easy to share and amplify the projects you're passionate about with your social networks

Choose Projects

Choose projects from a range of causes - from health and welfare to animal rights and the environment

Managing money

Transferring money onto your ImpactPay card, making one-off donations to causes or helping during a global crisis – however you're moving money in the app, it’s as easy as a swipe.

Live giving

See your personal donations, plus the tribe's cumulative total, in real-time!

At any time you can see the progress of all our projects and your contributions. Plus, we'll let you know as soon as a project you're supporting has been successfully funded.